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Best Lawn Pranks

We believe there’s truly no harm in playing an innocent prank or two on your friends and family.... More

Making the Case for Lawn Care

There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy green space. Sometimes it takes a little convincing though. Let Weed Man Savannah, GA make the case for you

... More

Great Holiday Destinations in the USA

Looking to get away from Savannah, GA? Weed Man Lawn Care Savannah, GA has tips on where to head to get outside this holiday season.
 ... More

An Annual Savannah, GA Weed

Poa Annua or Annual Bluegrass is a pesky weed that looks like a small tree in the yard. Read Weed Man Savannah, GA's article for some lawn care tips on how to keep your grass healthy.... More

Avoiding Dry Lawns in Savannah, GA

Proper lawn care is an important factor in keeping your lawn lush and green. Proper watering techniques will help keep your grass healthy and weeds off your lawn, brought to you by Weed Man Savannah, GA.... More

Ants on my Savannah, GA Lawn

Weed Man Lawn Care Savannah, GA recommends keeping an eye on your lawn for any ants in order to keep your lawn green and healthy. If your lawn is brown or un-healthy, make sure to give us a call at (912) 342-7797!

... More

A Yellow Lawn in Savannah, GA

Yellow grass can occur for many reasons. Follow these lawn care tips to help ensure your grass stays green and healthy in Savannah, GA.... More

Boosting Your Savannah, GA Lawn

There are many great ways to help your lawn and get rid of weeds. Boosting your Savannah, GA lawn with lime or sulphur can help ensure your yard stays green and healthy. ... More

Savannah, GA Animals in Your Yard

Pesky animals can really mess up your yard and the problem often starts with an insect infestation. Read these lawn care tips to keep your lawn green and healthy, brought to you by Weed Man Savannah, GA.
... More

The Color of Your Savannah, GA Grass

The color of a lawn depends on a number of factors and colors will vary from one yard to the next. To better understand what each shade of green means... More

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